Andrew Victor Carlson + Amy Leta Sappington

3 children
scan0017.jpg Ruth Pauline Carlson
Birth: April 21, 1917 28 21
Death: November 28, 2004Champaign County Nursing Home, Urbana, IL, US
Delmar Dean Carlson
Birth: October 8, 1918 29 22Downs, IL, US
Death: September 24, 1983Decatur Memorial Hospital, Decatur, IL, US

Parents Grandparents
scan0018.jpg Andrew Victor Carlson
Birth: January 20, 1889 32 21Downs, IL, US
Death: October 21, 1976Jackson Heights Nursing Home, Farmer City, IL, US
Charles August Carlson
Birth: February 11, 1856 29Holman, Gotland, Sweden
Death: September 16, 1930Brokaw Hospital, Bloomington, IL, US
Jennie Matilda Nelson
Birth: April 7, 1867Urika, Gotaland, Sweden
Death: November 5, 1932home, North of Leroy, McClean Co, IL, US

scan0019.jpg Amy Leta Sappington
Birth: January 25, 1896 33 31LeRoy, IL, US
Death: January 22, 1979Jackson Heights Nursing Home, Farmer City, IL, US
James McClellan Sappington
Birth: June 2, 1862 29 20
Death: February 6, 1933TX or OK, US
Mary A "Molly" Wyckoff
Birth: August 19, 1864 34 33Effingham Co., IL, US
Death: October 4, 1944Ellsworth, IL, US
Family group information

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