Park of Kentucky, 1747-1929

This tree is the information contained in the family history book "Park of Kentucky, 1747-1929" by Nell Gum Park.

In her late 30's Nell put together on the family using many original documents in various Kentucky government bodies and with the aid of family bibles and several living relatives. She also credits the following books:

  • "The Park Record" by Edwin H. Park
  • "Side Lights of Maryland History" by Mrs H. D. Richardson
  • "Pictorial of First State Bank of Las Vegas" by John S. Park
  • "History of Estill County" by Elbridge C. Park

The book contains several short biographical sketches to supplement a large Ahnentafel of Ebenezer Park. The original sourcing of specific facts is generally not contained in the book.


As of this update, the information up to page 20 has been entered of 148 pages.

Top 10 given names


Given names
Given name Individuals
John 21
William 19
Henry 17
Robert 8
James 7
George 6
Elihu 5
Simpson 5
Joe 4
Milton 4


Given names
Given name Individuals
Mary 22
Margaret 12
Elizabeth 10
Bessie 9
Paulina 8
Ann 7
Jane 7
Amanda 5
Barbara 5
Sallie 5