John Moersdorf + Susanna Schlader

6 children
Birth: May 5, 1853 29 26 Duddledorf, Germany
Death: July 25, 1915Teutopolis, IL, US
Birth: 1863 38 35
Death: 1943
Birth: February 6, 1824Rhine Province, Germany
Death: November 30, 1903Teutopolis, IL, US
Birth: May 5, 1827 Huttingen, Rhein Privince, Preusen
Death: March 13, 1910

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John's obituary lists Anna as a step daughter. Questions abound.

Most likely scenario is that Susana was married before her marriage to John. To this early marriage was Anna and possibly other children. After marrying John she continued to have kids. Probably 3 total of her children died as infants or young children and 6 grew to adulthood. Susana's obituary states she had 6 kids and a census (1900) says she had 9. There is evidence of 3 kids in the US, one being born here (Nicolas).

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