Marriage Anniversary - Ferd Zerrusen/Mary Pruemer (1922)

Marriage Anniversary - Ferd Zerrusen/Mary Pruemer (1922)



Sunday evening, May 8th, a number of relatives gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ferd Zerrusen of St. Francis township to help celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Zerrusen were presented with a big roasting pan as a wedding gift. A most pleasant evening was enjoyed by all. At eleven o'clock a delicious luncheon was served.

Those present were: Wm. G. Pruemer and family, Mrs. Anton Zerrusen, Tony Zerrusen and family, Anton Deters and family, Joseph Zerrusen and family, Henry Deters and family, Mr. and Mrs. August Deters and son, James, Frank Herboth and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ben A. Pruemer, son Jerry and daughter, Mary Ann, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Fuesting and son, Norman, of Effingham.

All departed at a late hour wishing Mr. and Mrs. Ferd Zerrusen many more happy years of wedded life.

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