1940 United States - Census transcript - George J Wagers - Household

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1940 United States - Census transcript - George J Wagers - Household

R5yesWagers, GeorgeheadMW35MNo8IllinoisLeRoyMcLeanIllinoisyesyes60farm handfarming60420no yes
Wagers, RuthwifeFW22MNo8IllinoisEllsworthMcLeanIllinoisyesnonononoH
Wagers, DuanesonMW3SNo0Illinois
Wagers, DorisdaughterFW1SNo0Illinois
Wagers, HowardsonMW6/12SNo0Illinois

Farm Schedule: 7 for George

Survey Questions for George
Birthplace Father: Illinois
Birthplace Mother: Kentucky
Childhood language: English
Veteran: No
Is veteran-father dead: No
War service: No
Has SSN: No
SS or Rail Retirement deductions: No
Occupation: Farm Laborer
Industry: Farming
Class of worker: Pw

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