1950 United States - Census transcript - Andrew Victor Carlson - Household

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1950 United States - Census transcript - Andrew Victor Carlson - Household

High Street2301NoNoCarlson AndrewheadWM61MarIllinoisWk48DitchesdrainageP
Schwabe BrucelodgerWM45NevIllinoisWk48Carpenterbuilding ConstructionO

"going to right around block 85 starting at corner of high and pine"

Andrew Sampling:
Living in same house as 1 year ago: Yes
Father Birthplace: Sweden
Mother Birthplace: Sweden
Highest grade attended: S12
Finished grade: Yes
Attended since Feb 1: 30 or over
Weeks of Work (1949): 48
Wages (1949): 1500
Self Employment Income (1949): None
Interest/Dividend Income (1949): None
Household Wages (1949): None
Household Self Employment Income (1949): None
Household Interest/Dividend Income (1949): None
Served WWII: No
Served WWI: No
Served anytime: No

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