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1 Bill Kahtz (added by SKW) 2 Mary Kahtz (Barto) 3 Dora Kahtz 4 Pete Kahtz 5 Mayme Kahtz 6 Frank Kahtz

7 Bertha Kahtz 8 Claire Kahtz - Bill's Girl 9 Richard Nosbisch (added by SKW) 10 Glaitis Kahtz - Bill's Girl

From back of photo, some characters were hard to read. Picture here:


Bill and Mary are married with 2 girls and are visiting from California. Pete and Dora are married as are Frank and Mayme. Richard Nosbisch is the son of Nicholas Nosbisch and Anna Kemme, who is the sister of Mayme (Kemme) Kahtz. After Anna died, Frank and Mayme raised her children including their nephew Richard.

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