Joseph Fred Bloemer + Anna Agnes Niebrugge

10 children
scan0014.jpg John H Bloemer
Birth: November 4, 1911 31 24Effingham, IL, US
Death: April 7, 2002Effingham, IL, US
scan0010.jpg Gertrude Bloemer
Death: before 2002
scan0004.jpg Arnold Bloemer
Death: before 1989
scan0009.jpg Francis Joseph "Bud" Bloemer
Birth: January 22, 1922 41 34Effingham, IL, US
Death: January 10, 1991St. Anthony's Hospital, Effingham, IL, US
Louis F Bloemer
Birth: September 16, 1913 33 26Effingham Co., IL, US
Death: January 23, 1989Teutopolis, IL, US
Agnes Bloemer
Death: before 1973

Parents Grandparents
scan0015.jpg Joseph Fred Bloemer
Birth: February 5, 1880 45 25Effingham, IL, US
Death: July 30, 1952
Joseph Bloemer
Birth: May 10, 1834Germany
Death: February 8, 1912Effingham, IL, US
Katherine Thoele
Birth: March 18, 1854
Death: July 9, 1936

scan0015.jpg Anna Agnes Niebrugge
Birth: July 7, 1887 27Effingham Co., IL, US
Death: June 17, 1973St. Anthony's Hospital, Effingham, IL, US
Anton Niebrugge
Birth: March 15, 1860Hanover, Germany
Death: April 13, 1931Effingham, IL, US
Anna Wilhelmina Fellhoelter
Death: before 1897
Family group information

The details of this family are private.