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Wagers and Deters Geneanology
This family tree was last updated on January 3, 2015.
Total surnames197
Media objects113
Total events1,448
Total users5
Earliest birth year1692John Tudor
Birth 1692 -
Death 1721 (Age 29) - Surrey Co, VA, US
Latest birth year2012This information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death year1721John Tudor
Birth 1692 -
Death 1721 (Age 29) - Surrey Co, VA, US
Latest death year2006 Mildred Louise "Millie" Satterfeal
Birth September 1, 1925 23 21 -
Death July 2006 (Age 80) - Jackson Heights Nursing Home, Farmer City, IL, US
Individual who lived the longest97John Osborn Bozarth
Birth July 30, 1862 37 30 -
Death April 27, 1960 (Age 97) -
Average age at death65Males: 66   Females: 64
Family with the most children15James Anderson Wagers Sr. + Mourning Mona Park
Marriage March 5, 1821 - Estill Co, KY, US
Average number of children per family1.94 
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Note: Sent from Dean Somerby
Note: 1 Bill Kahtz (added by SKW)
Note: Bill and Mary are married with 2 girls and are visiting from California. Pete and Dora are married as are Frank and Mayme. Richard Nosbisch is the son of Nicholas Nosbisch and Anna Kemme, who is the sister of Mayme (Kemme) Kahtz. After Anna died, Frank and Mayme raised her children including their nephew Richard.
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